Negative Impact On Technology: The Influence Of Technology

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Do you see heads bowed toward smartphone screens like they are worshipping a deity everywhere you go? Have you ever received a birthday card obviously printed off the Net from your friend? Does it bother you? It should! The occurrences you see are alarming signs that we, as a whole, are falling deeper into technology’s thrall and it has negatively impacted our creativity and communication. Technology has slowly but surely eroded our creativity. These days, the youths who are supposed to be our tomorrow resort to technology to solve even the simplest of riddles and problems they stray across in their daily lives. They log onto the Internet and scour for solutions that other people have put up without spending the effort to ponder and solve the…show more content…
This is especially true when it comes to shy and introverted people; their difficulty speaking face to face means they prefer digital communications where there is no eye contact or body language to intimidate them. Technology provides socially awkward people a deceptively convenient alternative but the reality is that it robs of them opportunities to practise their people skills and, if not rectified, cripples them for life. They will have problems communicating effectively with family, friends and colleagues which ultimately threaten the stability of the relationship. As shown by a study Przybylski and Weinstein of the University of Essex carried out in 2012, the presence of mobile communication devices in social settings interferes with human relationships. In two separate experiments, the authors found evidence that these devices have detrimental effects on closeness, connection, and conversation quality. Clearly the intricate design of metal and wires can never be a replacement for an understanding face and heartfelt…show more content…
In an ironic turn of events, the human creativity that has brought about the advent of technology in the first place is now being repressed by it. In my opinion, this can be curbed if a point of concession is made when using technology: we can use technology to facilitate our daily lives by saving time in information transfer and retrieval and saving storage space, but at the same time we must remember it is not the ultimate panacea. The world would be a more progressive place if we exercise our creativity collectively and communicate more face to face than counting on keyboards and pixels on a screen to do it for us. Technology is meant to be a hallmark of mankind’s advancement, see to it that it does not become our

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