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Technology is a branch of science and technology which speaks about the behavior of a system in the environment.[5] The physical science explains the basic activity of the system. This activity which is converted into the need of the mankind is explained by the technology. The basic activity of a system is influenced by the environment. The impact of the influence of the environment is both positive as well as negative. The technology gives rise to the useful application or product to the environment as well as the unwanted waste which are called by-product to the environment. Today because of the sophisticated technology the life style has totally changed. We have reached to a level that without this technology the life is imaginary. But at the same time the technology has serious negative aspects like the amount of the unwanted by-product…show more content…
The figure shows the practical efficiency and it is very clear that most of the energy is getting wasted without any use. The ideal state or an ideal system is a system which satisfies the ideal characteristics which means a perfect system in all the ways. The ideal behavior of the conductors, transformers, capacitors, resistors, the ideal behavior of the engines, etc. are taken as standards to reach in the practical system of production, distribution and utilization of electrical energy to minimize the waste and maximize the production, distribution and utilization. The model of the ideal electrical energy system is very important to get the improvements on the practical system. Hence we propose a model of ideal technology in the electrical system discussing the electrical energy production, distribution and

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