Modern Communications Technology: What Is Modern Communication Technology?

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What is Modern Communication Technology? Before we can explore and understand the impact of modern communication technology, we must first understand what is meant by it. Modern communications technology or ICT( Internet Communications Technology) can be defined as ‘anything which allows us to get information, to communicate with each other, or to have an effect on the environment using electronic or digital equipment’ – (Angela Canavan Corr, Pg. 6 ) [1]. How can it impact on young people in Ireland? Many of Irelands youth spend a large portion of their day interacting with converged media (video, audio, voice, music) on various devices that are common to both households and external environments like school. These devices include tablets,…show more content…
13[2]. One way it does this is when ‘One individual in the household, most often an expert’ - Siobhan Mcgrath, Pg. 13[2] (and most often in this day and age, a youth), has to teach another how to use technology, thereby “creating a shared experience” – (Morrison and Krugman 2001:143) [3]. Another area that is positive is the way it can bring family members together across large geographical areas. Through social media communication is now possible in this regard. A further positive impact, in my opinion, is from the entertainment aspect of using ICT on developing the young person’s mind creatively through the use of games on devices like consoles, PCS, tablets. These games sometimes have an educational aspect to them, which leads me into a discussion on how ICT can have a positive impact from an educational…show more content…
DeVol, August 21, 2012. [4] We must also look at it from the point of view of mental health also. A major negative impact on youth today, which is facilitated by ICT, is Cyber-bullying. The anonymity that the internet provides to people causes them to say things they would not normally even dream of. This, combined with peer pressure, means that bullying over the internet has become a prominent problem today and according to a poll conducted by group -Ditch the Label, 7 in 10 youths were victims of cyberbullying. [5] This can have a severe impact on a youth’s emotional wellbeing and is often just as severe as or even worse than physical

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