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D. Factors Easy Sign into Indonesian Foreign Culture 1. Lack of Care tight gate area Indonesia In the gate region of Indonesia, their bodies seem less special selection which can select negative foreign cultures into Indonesia. As there are many pictures and porn videos imported from outside. 2. Lifestyle is oriented to the west Today many Indonesian people who imitate the lifestyle or the lifestyle of people Caucasians or more towards westernized, namely to free sex, mini dress, free lifestyle without ties or usual we often refer to cohabiting. This term is used to couples of the opposite sex living together but not in the knot. In Indonesia, this lifestyle is not justified because it violates some norms of the religious norms, moral norms, norms of decency. The sanction for noncompliance is also quite heavy, especially on the surrounding environment. People who do "cohabiting" or stay at home without marriage will be deemed indecent by local people. The sanction of society is not heavy but quite painful because it might be…show more content…
Must comply with the norms prevailing in Indonesia The entry of foreign cultural influences are sometimes incompatible with Noram-norms prevailing in Indonesia. If we watch movies outside, they adopt a lifestyle that is free and if applied here in violation of several norms that exist in Indonesia. For example, kissing in public. We often watch western movies that do intimate scenes in public, it can not be applied in Indonesia because it violates the norms of decency. Usually in western movies, women partying using mini dress while drunkenness if it is applied in Indonesia, as it was customary tetntu not suitable if we apply in Indonesia. Indonesia still holds the traditional oriental highly viscous so that people here live by the rules that apply and certainly deserve accordance with customary modesty. Although Indonesia has beriburibu customs of the island but they always teach yourself a favor and do not recommend to do bad

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