Why I Want To Go Somewhere Essay

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It was a amazing day out the sun was out and no clouds were in sight, we all decided we should go somewhere, we decided to go a little down with a show boat that takes you around the town… We were getting ready to leave , packing lunches, snacks, sunscreen, stuff we needed to survive the day. We all finally are ready, and remember prior to deciding we wanted to go somewhere, I cleaned my mom's old car, it was more of a bulky car… she recently got a new car, a more lighter car… I told her I wanted to ride in the car i just detailed, but my mom insisted on taking her new car, so i just went along with it, not wanting to pick a fight. We finally leave, and the towns about 1 ½ hours away, so we made sure to bring some stuff to entertain us on the way there and back… of course I brought my phone and my mom’s fiance's, his name’s adam, his little kid, his name’s jack, he brought his tablet and some drawing stuff. My 2 other brothers (Ty, and Bryce) did not want to come along, so they went to the park with there friends. We finally get to the town 2 hours later, and we made it just in time… the show boat was about to leave but we jumped on and gave the driver our…show more content…
Me and my mom we’re rushed to the hospital, I had glass from the glass windshield in the arms and my leg, my mom's neck was hurting her really bad, she had also cut cut from glass too. Adam and jack were fine. They went and picked up bryce and ty and went to the hospital to find us. We get home later and we can't go to bed, me and mom my stayed up together all night, later on around the next day, we went to get her stuff from the car, and we were told one main reason the car flipped is because of how light the car was, so if my mom would've just listened to me and took the monte carlo instead of the Grand am we would have never flipped and got in the accident, I definitely learned a lesson the day of that

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