Impact Of Technology Essay

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Technology has had a large impact the world today. Families generally own several computers, the parents usually own one computer each, sometimes two, and the children usually share a few laptops. Businesses use different types of technology daily, some use it to work with money, talk to customers, order materials, or to run programs to complete complicated tasks. A large part of this technology advancement are computers. Technology has affected people and cultures around the world for over one hundred and fifty years, and they show no sign of ending their influence. Over the past one hundred and eighty one years, computers have come a long ways. In 1837 Charles Babbage invented the first programmable computer, and in 1942 John Eckert created the ENIAC (Electrical Numerical Integrator and Calculator) which was used by the military to calculate trajectories and other mathematical equations. In 1947 RAM (Random Access Memory) was created, this new invention is considered to start the beginning of modern computers. From here on, computers only became more advanced as time went on. In today’s society computers have had a lot of positive effects on people globally. Technology has brought advancements in transportation, people can travel wherever they please in comfort, whether that be a car, an airplane, or a…show more content…
Researchers at Oxford University said that “47% of Americans total employment was at risk of being phased out by technological advancement.” Pamela DeLoatch, an article writer at Edudemic, mentioned in her article that “technology changes the way children think,” and that “kids who had no access to electronic devices for 5 days were better at picking up on emotion and nonverbal cues.” research also shows that technology is tearing people apart from each other, even though we can communicate like never before, technology takes us farther away from people when we get so involved in our tasks.
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