Hr's Key Influences

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Analyse the implications of operation’s and human resource’s key influences Operations and human resources are both key business functions. Operations refers to the business processes that involves production. Human resource management refers to the management of the relationship between an employer and an employee. A business’s number one goal is to create maximum profit and thus the operations process and human resource management need to be managed by their respective managers to be aware and respond to influences which will allow for a better competitive advantage. There are many influences in both operations and human resources which can have an impact on the business both internally and externally. Some influences may impact not only…show more content…
Globalisation can lead to a whole range of impacts that have a positive and negative effect on a business. Globalisation enables businesses to access new markets and new market opportunities. A global businesses aim is to target the global markets. More than 70% of Qanats’ assets are geared to the global market and Qantas has been increasingly outsourcing some of its functions like maintenance and IT to lower operational costs. Expanding into new overseas markets is essential for businesses to achieve their growth potential. Globalisation has enabled Qantas to continue growing competitively as they are also trying to meet the needs of global consumers. Although globalisation has a positive effect on the business, it also can have negative impacts. Operating globally promotes a high risk and can initiate a higher competitiveness with overseas companies which can compete for cost leadership. It’s hard for Qanats to compete with this as 70% of the 40 airlines that fly to and from Australia receive financial and bureaucratic assistance from their governments. Globalisation is a big part of Qanats, it can have many impacts on the operations side of the business. Globalisation can affect the business in positive and negative ways so is therefore a key influence of business…show more content…
Quality expectations is the customers expectation of quality, businesses aim to meet or exceed customers expectations. Both the business and the consumer set quality expectations and the end product must align with these standards. It can also depend on the personal level of satisfaction with the individuals experience. If quality expectations are met, then customers are more likely to come back but if they have a negative experience, customers will not be satisfied and not buy from the business in future. It has a big impact specifically in the manufacturing and production side of the business as it must ensure consumers can purchase high quality products. If a business can keep a high standard of quality and satisfy all expectations, then it will increase profitability through sales. Qantas attempts to go beyond the expectations through enhanced entertainment, food menus and self-check-ins to enhance the quality of the service. As well as the high-quality jeweller Tiffany&Co., must ensure their products are of a very high standard as the company’s reputation relies on it. The company is known for the high standards and they make sure all customers are satisfied. Tiffany&Co. will replace, repair or refund at no cost every time if a product does not reach the expected quality. The influence of quality expectations has an immense impact on the operations process. A business must focus on continuous

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