Why Are Pharmaceutical Drugs Harmful

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For the most part of human history, knowledge of medicine has been quite limited. Not until recent years have we had the understanding of the body and of chemicals to create substances that are proven to help in medical situations. There has been an obvious explosion in medical findings in the past century. Everything from anesthesia to tools used in surgery. One very important medical innovation has been in the area of drugs, more specifically pharmaceutical drugs. These pharmaceutical drugs have changed the medical industry. The question is: Are pharmaceutical drugs harmful? Based on evidence provided and research conducted, pharmaceutical drugs are more harmful than they are beneficial. The term “drug” is a vague term. The term could be used for anything ranging from basic medications such as ibuprofen, all the way to known addictive substances such as heroin or meth. In this paper, pharmaceutical drugs…show more content…
These drugs are dangerous for multiple reasons, but before we look into these reasons we must define what a psychiatric drug is. A psychiatric drug, according to Medicine.net, is “any medication capable of affecting the mind, emotions, and behavior”. Psychiatric medications are commonly used for persons with mental health issues. These medications, by definition, literally change your brain unnaturally and may cause irreversible damage. The inorganic change of the human brain can be very detrimental to your health, even though medications are intended to provide benefits to a person's health. Pharmaceutical drugs interfere with your bodies natural way of defending against illnesses, both physical and psychological. The body was not made to have unnatural substances enter it, and ultimately rewire it completely. Pharmaceutical drug use can and will affect a person for the rest of their lives. The use of drugs can also lead to an increased chance of developing an unhealthy

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