How Does Technology Affect Student Ethics

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High school and college student ethics are continuously evolving due to the use of technology in the classroom. When using technology, high school and college students tend to be distracted, for example, instead of completing or continuing their work, students search random topics and play games. Due to this, students are gaining negative motives from technology, and as a result, they are discovering new ways to handle and exploit technology to cheat. Technology’s negative impact on student ethics in and out of the classroom has been alarmingly noticeable and in order to diminish the negative impact of technology, teachers and students alike need to incorporate technology in a more effective and productive way. Even though students cheat, teachers are involved in…show more content…
The time students cheat and are caught the teacher, in some cases, turns a blind eye on the false work, in order to maintain certain grades benefiting the school and not the student. Similarly, Raskin addresses the issue by stating, “ The system protects cheating above teaching” (3). By having a system, protect cheating above teaching,a major disadvantage that is known by teachers and students, students will not effectively learn what they should be learning and they will lean more on the teacher to help them instead of working hard and completing the assignment on their own. In return, the action, will cripple student ethics by influencing students to cheat and worsen their ethics in order to make their grades. Due to the lack of prevention against cheating, student ethics will continuously deteriorate. The problems that will arise are numerous and endless, nonetheless, if more teachers and students rally together to help lower those future problems with cheating, then student ethics will no longer suffer as

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