Negative Effects Of Homework

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What do students have to do after working for eight hours at school? Homework. Many students spend hours of their day after school doing more work for school. Students despise the work and teachers and parents fuse over having to deal with it. So why do teachers continue to assign it? Homework is not beneficial for students since homework leads to mental diseases and is not academically helpful. Homework causes mental illnesses in students. First, homework can cause sleep deprivation in students. Anne-Sophie Kim in her article, “Lack of Sleep Hurts Student Health”, does a survey with college students in which she asks what the students are giving up their sleep for. Eighty-seven percent of the responses showed they gave up…show more content…
As stated by Kohn many assume homework should be beneficial just because students are given more time to master a topic or skill. Homework could help improve a child's understanding of a subject, but only if they understand what they are doing in the first place. It's also assumed teachers assign the amount of homework they do to help prepare students for the workload in college. Since college is a lot of work teachers are trying to aid the students by giving them a lot of work now to prepare for the future. While this statement might be true Rhodes and Wilson showed the results of a study showing the percentage of college freshmen who spent more than 5 hours weekly on homework as seniors in high school dropped from 47% to 34%. The results of the experiment show students have more homework in high school then they do in college. By teachers trying to prepare students for college, they are actually making students lives harder as not only is the homework not effective but also will not help students prepare for…show more content…
From the long nights up to the excessive amount of unnecessary practice, teachers need to understand the effect homework has on their students. Lack of sleep, stress, interference with family, no higher scores, etc. are just some of the effects shown above. Students should be able to come home and relax after a hard day at work. Teachers should work together to make sure they are not giving their students too much work on the same night and the work is actually helpful towards making an advancement in class. Even so, homework is a burner, not beneficial to students, and should not be assigned

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