Is It Just Us Or Are Kids Getting Really Stupid Analysis

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In the era of internet development, many people, especially children, nowadays have easy to access to internet. Internet has brought a new perspective on the world, and new approach to knowledge, but it is not as good as we think. In the article “Is It Just Us, Or Are Kids Getting Really Stupid,” Sany Hingston expressed concern that kids are becoming stupid due to excessive technology use. She explained that it is difficult for students to read a book today, other than that books are replaced by movies. The focus of this article is young people and their dependence; the addiction to technology, and the effect it has on their brains. We cannot predict how the internet will be in the future; it could cause a lot of problems for the next…show more content…
I think the author was right about the impact of the Internet on today's youth. It has caused a lot of negative social and daily life for us. Some of the negative impacts that social networking causes for children are that they waste a lot of t useful time; psychological disorders, memory loss, and they are disconnected from their family. Young people waste their time to use social networks for nothing. However, people cannot deny the role of "virtual friends" who they can share joys and sorrows about their life through the popular social network site like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. For some people, they are so focusing on their social network page that they cannot get any of their work or study finished. According to Hingston” young adults spend on average eight a half hours looking at their computers, their phones, or their tablets” (1). The strong growth of social networking sites contain many hidden unpredictable catastrophes if people cannot control the time and their actions. It is like an

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