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Snowpiercer is an interesting dystopia that depicts a bleak future where an environmental disaster caused by humans trying to counter global warming forces the remaining human population is forced to live on a train (Park & Bong, 2013, 2:07-3:47). The film is a mixture of more than one type of dystopia and has its own features that make it an interesting movie. The behaviours observed in the passengers of the train makes Snowpiercer an interesting dystopian film as it emphasizes on the change in morality in a Noah’s Ark styled setting where escape to the outside is seemingly impossible. However, there are some important aspects that prevent this dystopia from becoming a reality. Snowpiercer is a blend of the post-apocalyptic and Dystopia 2.0 dystopias. It fits into a post-apocalyptic dystopia as it features how humanity has barely managed to survive an environmental…show more content…
People in the tail cart are suspect to random checks every so often and there is someone in the tail section to monitor the actions of the others show how people are almost constantly being watched. The idea of having someone in the group of lower class people to watch them and even participate in the rebellion to get more information is a bit odd as this level of surveillance is quite excessive and is not seen in the dystopias that have been discussed. Another major feature in this dystopia is the use of excessive violence to control the part of the population that are most likely going to rebel. Any action that goes against the people in higher power results in brutal punishment. This is seen in the movie as it is only in the carts towards the end of the train that are guarded by armed men carrying weapons, but things drastically change as the resistance group moves up the train (Park & Bong, 2013). Also, the way they publicize their punishments can be used as a method of keeping everyone under control through

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