How To Create A Positive Ripple Essay

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Many decisions that you make in your lifetime have an impact on the direction it goes. Small decisions like which colour you paint a picture won’t change your life, but larger decisions that have potential consequences, whether positive or negative can create a ripple effect and change the direction you go. Decisions made as a child are often overlooked but many can create a positive ripple that will continuously influence your life. Small decisions made as a teenager are crucial because they are often made with good intentions but tend to be either the wrong decision or have severe repercussions if carried out and monitored poorly. These decisions can create a negative ripple that will cause a major setback. Everyday actions and events that…show more content…
Learning a second language seemed like fun. It never occurred to me that it would open so many doors for my future. A few months before starting kindergarten, my mom took me out for a drive and passed a few different elementary schools in our area. When we passed by what would be my future elementary school, I immediately wanted to attend because of the playground on site. When my mom told me, I would be learning in French at the school, I thought that was even better. No one in my family spoke any language other than English so I was going to be special. As the years went by, I was given many opportunities to switch to an English school, to which I always declined. Even though I started to find French class boring, I stayed with it in fear of forgetting the language. At the age of 13, because of my advanced ability to speak French, I was given the opportunity to take part in an exchange program in France. Although quite expensive, I was lucky enough to participate. It was quite an experience learning the cultural ways of a French student and how much more advanced their school work was. As a result, my experience in France, I gained enough confidence in my language skills that when I entered high school, I decided to take Spanish as a third

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