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Another night descends on the city, and the bats that inhabit the upper beams of baseball stadiums around the country, awaken to the twinkle of stars and the sounds of pre-game warm-ups. Banners flutter in the evening breeze and the stands slowly fill with fans. Children’s laughter can be heard over the hot-dog vendors, as they eagerly await the traditional, “Play ball!” from the home plate umpire. These young bats enjoy and understood the game as well as their human counterparts. It’s not ... surprising ... that this particular group of pups appreciates the game of baseball as they do ... because ... well ... they resemble baseballs, and, I might add, play the game with great skill. The rafters of old ball parks are the only homes they know.…show more content…
The cool, wet season was over and summer was about to arrive, welcoming the new brown bats. The males had migrated or found more suitable roosts for the winter, only to return in the spring when the pups were independent. Jockeying for position along the ceiling, the mothers tried to avoid the strange unexpected bursts of light that disturbed their slumber. Some days they awoke to sounds that vibrated through the rock, the footsteps and voices echoing from the world above them. They would stir sleepily, nuzzle a shoulder or wing, and then fall back into a deep sleep. Today the roost felt damp and cold. An odd feeling filled the air. The offensive stream of bright flashing light, followed by a clap of thunder, vibrating through their tiny ears, was only the beginning of what was to be a very exciting night! There was a buzz in the stands, as the fans rallied behind their home town heroes. The score in the second inning was 1 - 0, in favor of the home team. The chants of hot-dog, popcorn and soft drink vendors could be heard above the crowd, announcing the delights they offered. Boys and girls leaned on railings, waving team pennants while their parents sat, skillfully keeping one eye on the game and the other on their excited

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