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Homework has always been a natural part of the Norwegian school system. In the last have however, it has been a lot of talk in the media about whether we actually need homework or not. Newer statistics and research shows that homework is not necessarily so large a resource that was previously thought. Opinions are divided among both politicians, teachers, parents and students. We will continue with the good old tradition or ty for a change? Benefits of homework structure and good work habits are important characteristics to have further in life. With homework learn by itself to structure the time and their work, and it provides insight into how working life is. By learning this early is not the transition to the later studies and working life as difficult. It provides eleven responsibility to be independent, which can be positive for many.…show more content…
It is not all that have the ability to get help home, which can result in the eleven not learns the fabric and hangs after. In order SSB (Statistics Norway) helps homework to better school achievements among students with resource strong parent, while for students with less resource strong parent has the little effect. By comparing classes where pupils do not receive homework, with classes where students get homework, is the difference larger among students in the latter. Recent studies have shown that much homework and samples can adversely affect. A report from the Research Institute NIFU shows that students who had much assessment had weaker character slice than students with less assessment. Homework can over time go from to be anything you do to learn to be a burden. If homework is a burden it can lead to sloppy and do not get learned the fabric. Homework creates stress and is a reason that many young including do not get enough sleep. You get less motivation and homework is associated with something negative.

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