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Think of a time where there was no access to technology? Now, picture today where there is unlimited access to technology. The internet is where people can search to get an answer to a question, meet others through social sites, and create various webpages. From sunrise to sunset, the web is constantly being surfed. Teenagers and young adults are the main category of people who utilizes the internet. They have access from schools, home computers, and their cellular devices. Whether it’s for homework, business, or for pleasure, teens and young adults have the access. When it comes to surfing the web, there could be many dangerous sites or persons that can potentially harm one. Internet stalking, cyber bullying, and internet addictions are the…show more content…
Internet addiction is a negative effect because it can cause many issues with relationships and health. This generation cell phone is always next to them. They are either checking Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Not only cell phones, but computers get the same attention. They are also playing games and watching videos. It is easy to get addicted to the internet especially when the generation is accessible to technology. Being addicted to the internet could cause a teen and young adult to have relationship issues. If they are constantly on the phone or computer, it is hard to have a real conversation with an individual. It can also distract from day to day activities such as homework, family functions, and hanging out with friends. Health also plays a big role in internet addiction. Being addicted to the internet means that your fingers are constantly moving non stop. Arthritis can be a factor because it is targeting the joints of bones. Stiffness and aches are some symptoms to it. Another health condition that could cause internet addiction is sleep apnea. This means that the individual is not getting enough sleep and eventually will be put on a sleep machine or medicine to help with

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