The Importance Of Homework

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Eighty-three percent of teen students say that school was either a “somewhat or significant” source of stress. Eighty-three percent. More than three-quarters of American Students are given a significant amount of stress by school. Stress doesn't come without its consequences; stress causes a disruption of sleep and many other health problems. Homework is a major cause of student’s stress. For years, experts have questioned whether homework is even beneficial for academic reasons. The combination of the well being of students and the effectiveness of homework should call for a change. Schools should greatly reduce or eliminate homework for their students because homework is ineffective academically and hurts the well being of students. There…show more content…
Mangione’s finding means that the hours of homework given to students every night may be wasteful. Furthermore, in his article “The Truth About Homework,” Alfie Kohn discusses the research from Michigan State University professor Carole Ames, who points out quantitative changes such as requiring students to spend hours doing bookwork or worksheets isn’t beneficial, rather it is engaging process solving that helps promote learning. Essentially, spending hours on book work, the most common form of homework, doesn’t help students. What helps them is being engaged by other forms of work that promote learning. Another reason why homework is a waste of time is the lack of benefits and the students that are actually responsible with their homework. Millions of students struggle daily in school due to lack of care and/or support from their families to do their work. According to Mangione, most students that need the practice and discipline of homework end up not doing it. Students that are ahead or know how…show more content…
To no one’s surprise, American students are very stressed. The stress can be caused by an excessive workload and the responsibility of keeping up with assignments has negative physical effects on students. Margaret Shapiro, an author for the Washington Post, described the results from an American Psychological Association survey on American students. In “Stressed-Out Teens, with School a Main Cause” Shapiro describes how 83% of students claimed school was a major source of stress during the school year. Furthermore, during the summer, only 13% of respondents were stressed. The previous statistics are shocking. An overwhelming of students are extremely stressed during school. This homework caused stress doesn’t come without consequences. Moreover, 32% reported experiencing headaches, with another 21% reporting some form of upset stomach or indigestion (Shapiro). These findings are monumental. The APA survey backs that homework induced stress causes physically harming effects. Another way homework is bad for students well being is the time it takes away from healthy habits. In the same article, Shapiro found that only 20% of students can exercise more than once a week. Exercise for children and young adults is necessary for keeping a healthy lifestyle. When time is spent on doing hours of mandatory busy work, students don’t have time

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