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Auctioneers can be considered the “Walmart” of selling items because they sell everything from books to cars. Some important aspects of auctioneering is Degrees and high school diploma which is required to get a license. Another aspect is the salary which if they sell high dollar items they can get a high salary. The third aspect is traveling which is where a lot of time is spent. Auctioneering is an important career that helps society by sell items at auctions to help families with estates and there can be buys for people that can not afford new items. Auctioneers have a lot to do in their jobs like appraise items to sell those items at an auction. Auctioneers sell items from household product to automobiles (Encyclopedia Of Career And Vocational Guidance). The products have to be appraised before they can be sold on the auction block “Auctioneer”. There's a lot auctioneers have to do that people don't know they have to do before an auction. Auctioneers have to clean out houses and advertise so they get a lot of people to the auction so they make more money (Torpey, 58).Auctioneers also have to be able to talk fast and memorize some of the prices they are saying. As an auctioneer in Pennsylvania has to have a…show more content…
If they are selling estates it will be at the house of the family's estate or if they are combined auctions they are usually at a auction house. The auctioneer has to see who is coming if it is older people it is most likely to be held inside of the auction hall or if it is young people it can be outside “Auctioneer”. The hazards of being an auctioneer is auctions could take place in cities to farmfields. The temperatures can be 100 degrees to -20 degrees and the auction has to go on (Encyclopedia Of Career And Vocational Guidance,313). Auctioneers like to have auctions in fire houses because they are cheap to rent out and use for a day

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