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National Honors Society Essay A cogent leader is rare to find, but what I aim to be. I feel that I make a satisfactory leader because I am always striving to help others be their best. I aspire to meet goals and encourage others to set their own as well. I find that many people see me as approachable when they need advice, or someone to talk to when going through a rough time. I enjoy helping others very much, and plan to be a music therapist one day, in hopes to improve the outcomes of children. If someone needs help in cheering, show choir, or in the classroom with schoolwork, I always teach them with my best effort and I do not stop until I know that they have it. However, the most significant way that I lead is by example. It is my belief that leading by example is the most effective way to influence others. Those with a title can put on a face for the crowd, however, when their followers see their true colors, they lose respect for the leader. Many people have nicknamed me as, “Giggles” or “Smiley” because of my consistent happiness. I have determined that just a small smile can lift one’s disposition, or at least distract them for a second from what may be bothering them. Smiling and laughing brightens my own mood as well.…show more content…
I am never afraid to say no, even though it may not always be the popular decision. I have found that my choices have earned a great deal of respect among my peers. In fact, some even follow my lead, which gives me great gratification. I reflect my values in the way I act. I try my best to be polite to my superiors and never use swear words. My behavior reflects the way I want others to view me, but mostly, the way I want to view
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