National Honor Society Examples

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The National Honor Society is a very respected group of individuals that excel in personal characters, leadership, citizenship, and very scholarly. Being invited to apply is a great honor, and I feel as if I deserve this honor. Over my last 3 years of high school I shaped myself into a better person that posses all the qualities of a honor society member. As a student, I have had a very rigorous course selection. With taking nothing but honors and AP classes I have learned a lot more than how to complete a derivative and how to label a cell. I have learned the true meaning of determination and perseverance, and I believe that is what makes a student a scholar. I am also a member of the STEM program. Being a part of this program has pushed me to take more math and sciences than normal, and also complete a capstone project that really made me challenge my intelligence. I have had the privilege to be involved in a lot of sports ever since I was young and they have shaped me into the leader I am. I have always been one to step to the plate when someone needed help, or guidance. I am a confident leader which makes it easier to help. Even when I do not have the best insight on the situation I try my best to be a leader. Leadership comes with sacrifice, and I am willing to sacrifice if it would better the whole group.…show more content…
She is an active member of the Elkton Church of the Nazarene and this creates a lot of projects for her. I helped her create arts and crafts for the sunday school kids, and baking for church events. The most inspirational thing that I did with my mom-mom was making book bags for underprivileged kids. We would get the lists for all grade levels, and go to walmart and staples to get all the supplies. We filled over 50 book bags to give to the church to hand out. This opportunity made me grateful for all that I have, but also the feeling I got made me want to do it
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