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What are your primary academic interest areas? As an aspiring doctor, I have a growing interest in science, especially biology, and mathematics. I also enjoy literature and English since I am not only able to learn more about grammatical techniques to improve my writing, but also able to express myself. 2. Describe your possible career interests. How certain do you feel that you know what you want to do as a career? I wish to do have a career in pediatrics, particularly pediatric surgery so that I will have the opportunity to save other children’s lives, and make their lives better. I am interested in serving children because I believe children are the most vulnerable and need the most care; they are our future and a representation of how well the current generation is able to care of them. I am certain I want to do a career in medicine, but I am willing to keep an open mind to other career choices. 3. Describe your major high school extracurricular activities. As a person passionate about science, I am currently the Vice President of Science National Honor Society, and last year I was the Co-President of Medical Researchers Club. Due to my interest in math, I…show more content…
This is how our life is, we start small but then we grow into the person we are today. That is how I found my true passion, being a doctor, from being a small, modest patient, to hopefully an appreciated, honorable doctor. I fell in love with not only math and science but also humanity. I was more interested in a doctor’s mission before becoming interested in science. As I learned what a doctor did, I gradually fell in love with science, especially biology and genetics. I saw how much a doctor could influence and benefit his/her community. Always prepared, coming in late shifts, they sacrifice their own lives to save other people’s lives. This is what I knew I wanted to do, save a person’s life and make their life

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