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National Honor Society National Honor Society is a club for the elite. This is a club for students who have exemplified the four pillar of excellence. Throughout my time at Verbum Dei High School I have attempted to make sure that the activities that I have participated go along with these values. I felt that I have exemplified the characteristic of leadership, service scholarship, and character. This in terms should allow me to be a part of the National Honor Society. The first characteristic is leadership. For the past four year I have be a part of the Associate Student Body here on campus. For my first year as a freshman I was just a representative to the ASB. I would just give my input on activities. For the next two year I have served as ASB Social Chair. I was in…show more content…
During my past four year at Verbum Dei High School. I have tried to constantly challenge myself. I have taken at least two honor classes each year. Currently I am taking two honors and one AP class. I am type of student who is not naturally smart. I have to constantly study in order to retain the information. Also even though I have barley exceeded the GPA requirement. I feel that I have done my best in my entire course here at the verb. I am also a recipient of the Presidents Volunteer Service Award Bronze and Silver. I have also received a service award from the California Science Center. The final pillar is character. My favorite motto from LAPD is “Integrity in all we say and do”. I have tried to model my high school career in this fashion. I currently since August 2012 I have received 0 homework and regular jugs. I am a student who knows the student handbook backward and forwards. I constantly try to follow the grad at grads. My goal this year is to be a help the freshman class. I have constantly sent time in the freshman corridor talking to the freshman and making sure that if they need help I am here for

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