The Oreo Experiment: Milk's Favorite Cookie

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The Oreo Experiment What I know about Oreos are that they have an inside,and an outside.The inside is a creamy paste, and the outsides is a hard chocolate cookie.I also know their color is blue,and their catchphrase is,”Milk’s favorite cookie”It looks like an ice cream sandwich,but it tastes like cookies and cream. Oreos are also good for pranks,when you lick out the cream and fill it with toothpaste.There are also a lot of different types of oreos like golden, minty, double fudge,ice cream,chocolate,mega stuffed, double stuffed,lemon,cake, birthday cake, peanut butter,and heads and tails.There’s even a rare one called candy corn oreo! Now that we got that done, let’s get to the question.Which is the better buy?25 for $2.75, or 30 for $2.75?I know how to figure this out though, all I have to do is find the unit rate.Then I can answer the question.…show more content…
For this experiment I used Google to find whatever websites I needed.I also used the handout I got to know what catchphrase oreos had, and to get how many oreo flavors are for sale,along with my computer for being able to use google to use walmart’s website,and type this

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