Personal Narrative: Football

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Football It started after school when I went to the common area to play football. It was me jeremiah,nathan,Alex,Mat,Josh, and Brayden where in the back making teams then we played. When we were playing I was going deep and all I see is a big round ball flying at me as it slipped into my hands for a touchdown.As we get ready to kik it off to the other team I feel so good to make a tuchdown for the first time to day.As we kik it off I can see it fly throw like a bird right into barydens hands. Then it was the other team's ball they went deep for a pass.Then I can in and intercepted the pass as I run I can feel the wet grass on my feet as I get tackled by Brayden.The next play i got the ball passed to me as i can see the open path to the touchdown
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