Parenthood Interview Essay

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I conducted an interview of asking college students’ that I know about their careers and parenthood. I had to choose 5 males and 5 females that I felt comfortable with and asked them these questions. The first question was after you have finished your education, do you plan to seek employment? How many hours would expect to work each week? I gather all the data and come up the one that’s being said the most. With the girls, majority said they want to go onto graduate school, and beyond. Then go into their careers, they expect to make 40+ hours each week. The males basically said the same thing, a few said probably go into the army, just to make enough money. The second question, I asked was after you have finished you education, do you see yourself…show more content…
The next question that I asked, females answered 30+ hours a week if they and their partners have a 1-year-old child. They said they would talk to their partners to see how they will accommodate their work schedule. The males answered, they would work more hours than the females. Lastly, the last question was how many hours a week do you expect to spend taking care of the baby? How many hours a week would you expect your partner to spend in child care? When taking care of the children females have greater percentages of taking care of them, compare to the males. The males, said at least 50 to 60 minutes, and the females said over an hour. Males are said to be employed when they have a 1-year old child, which is common in today’s world. When they find out that they have a child on the way that’s when they seek employment when they are not employed. They family or other people said, you better get ready financially, because you will need it. You don’t want to be struggling when a child makes its entry to the world. Both males and females want to be already ready when nine months come and go. It is the best decision that will be helpful to both people including the

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