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The National Honor Society is a group of students that possess four different important characteristics, scholarship, service, leadership, and character. I believe and will prove through several examples that I am a puzzle piece fit into this honoring group. I demonstrate scholarship through my course load and GPA. Throughout my transition from freshman year to senior year, my GPA took a major jump as every year went by. It can be said my effort has been consistent throughout the year because of my ability to maintain my grades, but also my passion for knowledge. As time passes, my course load got harder, a shift from Honors courses to AP courses. I not only am looking to strive for good grades, but taking on challenges. Not only do I demonstrate scholarship in courses, but extracurricular activities as well. I push my sciences knowledge by taking part in the Health Occupations of Students of America club. The organization gives members the responsibility to push their studies of biology and chemistry to the application of health and medicine services. These aspects from my courses to my extracurricular activities demonstrate my scholarship fit enough for the National Honor Society.…show more content…
I begin with my Westford Recreation Basketball coaching experience. As a sophomore, I volunteered for 40 hours to coach a basketball team consisting boys from grades 6 to 7. As a member of the freshman basketball team, I volunteered to referee and score keep the Westford Academy 4 on 4 basketball program. As a junior I also refereed and was scorekeeper for the Stony Brook 3 on 3 basketball program. Aside from volunteering for basketball, I served at a hospital for the poor in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. I volunteered for 50 hours by organizing the communications office and taking part in community projects such as building homes for the

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