I Want To Be A National Honor Society (NHS)

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I have been informed that National Honor Society (NHS) has been created since 1921. NHS opens many opportunities for students from scholarship to developing and finding individuals’ character. I am determined to fulfill the four pillars – scholarship, service, leadership, and character – through National Honor Society. I am willing to put my time to achieve the requirements to be a VALOR student. Many seniors and fellow students have recommended others to join NHS during our high school years. I have always wanted to join the club ever since middle school. I was accepted to National Junior Honor Society and tried my best to achieve the requirements. In high school, many clubs offer scholarship. The club I am currently in, Mu Alpha Theta also offers scholarship to the outstanding students. By joining these clubs, I want to be motivated to work harder. I am going to keep up with my 6.57 GPA and try my best to improve my grades even more. However, I do not want my grades to be my only concern. I want to challenge myself and join NHS to get more experience and give my time for the community.…show more content…
Although I am not very well when coming to meet new people, I love being around people and helping others in need. Students are well aware that the school requires certain amount of community service hour in order to graduate high school. For that reason, many students join variety of clubs. While I am amongst those students who are trying to fill up service hour, I also enjoy putting my own time to be active in the community. My main concern is not about the hours, it is about service. Without service, the world will not be able to function very well. There are just so much things that need help, and I am willing to give my own time and do what I can do to improve our

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