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Since ninth grade, I have been involved in many activities in my school and community. I have been in student council from ninth grade to present, and this year as a junior, I joined the WMASC Eboard. Student council has given me an opportunity to voice my opinions in our school. Joining the Eboard has been a big responsibility because it requires meeting with other students on the weekends, but it has given me a leadership role by representing our school for WMASC and has given me the opportunity to meet new people and have new opportunities I otherwise would not be able to have. Another school sponsored extracurricular activity I participate in is the flute quartet. In Mr.Longstreeth’s last year before he left, he advised the flutes to possibly…show more content…
National Honor Society inspires students to do their best in hopes of someday being inducted. There are only a select few students who are chosen each year to be inducted into the society, and being chosen to be inducted would be an honor. If chosen for National Honor Society, I would bring with me my leadership and dedication from school sponsored extracurricular activities such as Student Council, and the flute quartet. From community sponsored extracurricular activities, I would bring my drive to better and challenge myself and my attentiveness. I would bring my moral sense to do what is right and compassionateness from my volunteerism. From sports, I would bring my sportsmanship and supportiveness. And finally, from employment, I would bring my trustworthiness and my hard working. I believe that as a member of the National Honor Society, I can be a role model to younger students through my actions inside and outside of school. I use my respect, leadership, and character at all times, in and out of school to help be a role model for my peers. To have qualified for National Honor Society is an honor on its own, and I hope to be chosen for this prestigious

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