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vWhat student doesn’t look forward to their freshman year in high school? Not only is it a time to engage in sports and activities, it is also time to discover career goals and opportunities. I knew immediately that I wanted to attend Penn State University Park and pursue a degree in Engineering. I wish I could say my freshman year went without a hitch. Unfortunately, mine was anything but ordinary. Approximately one month into the start of the school year, I passed out in school and suffered a significant concussion. My injury was so severe, I found myself unable to tolerate sitting, standing, reading or writing. My lack in ability to concentrate was detrimental. I lived with a constant headache and the dizziness and lightheadedness…show more content…
Not only was I trying to recover from a significant head injury, I was also attempting to keep up with my rigorous schedule and maintain my GPA. As part of the homebound program, a teacher was sent to my home for five hours a week to distribute my homework and give me quizzes and tests. Luckily, my homebound instucter was a math teacher. So at the very least, he was able to provide me with the one on one tutoring I needed to get through my honors geometry class. The remainder of my classes were in more ways than one self- taught. Being absent from the daily classroom instruction was difficult. My mom and I spent endless hours trying to go over the material while trying to maintain the restrictions that were placed by the concussion center to aid in my brain’s recovery. Since I had to avoid any and all computer work, it was impossible to continue my engineering class and I was forced to drop it, which in essence put me a credit behind the rest of my classmates. I would often find myself in tears wondering if I would or could ever catch up. Even though I did my best, there is no doubt in my mind that my grades and GPA suffered. I knew this drop in credit would affect my class ranking. However, at that moment in time, I had no other choice. With hard work, determination, and help from my family and friends, I was able to get through my freshman year. But that drop in credit would come back to haunt

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