National Curriculum Framework

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The National Curriculum Framework (NCF) is based on the Goals of the National Curriculum (MoEHr: 2006) taking into consideration the local and global conditions of its operationalisation and the need to ensure validity and currency (Ministry of Education and Human Resources,2009). The objectives were to create a link between the different types of learning areas. Due to this, the Overarching Learning Outcomes (OLO) was introduced. The first concern of the OLO according to the NCF, is about language. Language is the only way through which people can communicate, express their feelings and voice out their opinions. Teachers should encourage their students to socialise. Sharing of ideas, experience and communicating to different types of…show more content…
Students should be encouraged to do research, group work and so on by reading magazines, journals, through media or by the help of technology. OLO’s second and fifth objectives say “…obtain it from a range of sources and how to use and share it (N.C Goals:2, 3, 8)” and “students understand, use and adapt technologies and ICT tools confidently to meet their needs(N.C Goals:3, 8)” respectively. Having extra knowledge is never useless. It depends on how and where the students will use it. An example is a group work where the students will be able to share their ideas and at the same time this activity will make them think critically. This is how their mind will develop and simultaneously the process of socialisation will occur. Moreover, they will learn how to work collaboratively by respecting others’ point of views and their self-confidence also will increase…show more content…
It is surely the job of a teacher to make the students aware of how they should take care of their body, for instance, practicing a sport, eating healthy food and so on will be for their own benefit. Also, the learners should be taught how to respect others so that in return they gain self-respect. The respect will automatically be there when the students understand that they are living in a multicultural society. They should learn how to respect others’ religions, cultures, norms and values (N.C Goals: 5,

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