Summary Essay: Definition Of Curriculum

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Essay Definition of Curriculum There are many definitions of curriculum; these are influenced by thoughts or pedagogies. In the 20´s Century traditional concept of curriculum was defined as “the body of subject matter prepared by the teachers for the students to learn.” The modern curriculum defines that “all experiences for learning which are planned and organized by the school.” It is my opinion that curriculum is a very dynamic process and the way of how a curriculum evolves depends on its modification, the improvements and producing positive changes. The curriculum is a designed plan in order for teachers to have their work defined by identifying the content to be taught according to the students’ needs and the methods to be used during the process. A good quality of curriculum values all students as individuals every child is different and learns at different rhythm this is why the curriculum should see them as unique students. A proper curriculum is based on clear and understanding learning including accepted contents about how students…show more content…
Our curriculum provides capabilities, skills, concepts, etc, in which all students should achieve according to each grade level as the ministry of education states. The purpose of our national curriculum is to ensure students´ education by giving a meaningful learning in the context of the communities and social life of our Honduran culture. Our curriculum provides to all present and future generations an education that responds to the needs and expectations of the 21st Century, by dynamically holding the needed changes in the system and implementing new strategies required to build meaning of knowledge in

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