Advantages Of Teaching English As A Foreign Language

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Teaching English as a foreign language (EFL) requires instructors to apply different kinds of methodologies or approaches in order to let students learn the target language. Unfortunately, the majority of EFL teachers do not take into account their pupils’ needs in order to communicate appropriately in class by using English as a foreign language. To illustrate, some educators base their classes on memorization that does not provide any meaningful learning for their students since the only objective is to pass an exam, but once the evaluation is done, students forget what they learned before. Despite that, there are alternative EFL teaching methods that can help learners to internalize their learning in an EFL class by providing tools for communication…show more content…
They should learn how to use different methods and strategies for teaching English as a foreign language. For example, in multiple intelligences (MI) theory not all the students learn in the same way. For instance, for one student it can be easier to learn through images while others may need sounds or movements to learn. The idea of using multiple intelligences in the EFL classroom is essential for communication; however, it is difficult to do it. Even if the Costa Rican educational system is trying to apply the MI theory in the classroom, this is a difficult task that is not always accomplished by educators. It is challenging to include all the intelligences in the classroom; most teachers usually use some of them but not all. Altan (2012) mentioned that when teachers plan their classes, they should look at the topic and include activities for students to develop the MI in class. English instructors have 50 minutes to develop the English class. In addition, through the whole unit teachers should provide at least one opportunity for MI to arise in a natural way. It is difficult for teachers to incorporate all the MI in the class because there is not enough time during the English lesson to perform many mediation activities (p. 62). Nevertheless, the idea is to incorporate one activity to develop MI in every…show more content…
Additionally, the objective is to recognize how the multiple intelligences are applied in the EFL classroom. Furthermore, the idea is to determine how teachers use multiple intelligences in the classroom. In other words, which activities they plan and perform in order to develop the multiple intelligences in the class. Moreover, the objective is to investigate the students’ perceptions of the application of multiple intelligences in the EFL class. This refers to how students perceive multiple intelligences in their EFL class. Additionally, the idea is to explore how multiple intelligences are used to promote the target language in class and how the application of multiple intelligences helps students and teachers to learn English as a foreign language. Finally, the purpose is to recognize the elements that influence the application of the Multiple Intelligences in the

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