Deng Xiopeng In The Chinese Economy

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Deng Xiopeng was the one man to single handledly turn the Chinese economy around for the better during the 1970’s and 80’s. Allowing for China to become a world superpower, all in all shaping the world. Do you agree with this statement. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Indeed throughout the 1970’s and 80’s Deng Xiopeng was extremely influential in the reformation of the Chinese economy. Allowing for a colossal boost in its economic standings world wide. His reforms allowed for China to climb the global rankings and grow into an economic superpower. China before the 1970’s was in a detrimental state with its economy heading downhill. By 1973 Deng Xiopeng was called in under the rule of Premier Zhou Entai to improve the Chinese economy. That is what Xiopeng did, he came in and…show more content…
China before Deng Xiopeng was seen as extremely introverted due to its communist ideals ,but after his visit to the United States he showed that China was no longer set in its ways but proved that China was willing to be flexible. Negations also greatly improved with multination relations taking place. Singo-Japanese relations improved greatly under Deng, no longer did tensions rage on caused by past differences. Relations between western societies also greatly improved such as that with Great Britain and multiple others. The Socialist element that had been the base of the Chinese republic since Mao took over china, was not thrown out with the new ideals of Deng Xiopeng. He rather followed in the footsteps of Lenin as he kept the socialist base but began implementing capitalist elements into it. Deng’s reasons for ultimately compromising on some pure Socialist ideals is shown through what he once said. He said, “Socialism does not mean shared poverty.” That shows how Deng Xiopeng desired a nation filled with economic growth not one stagnantly

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