Inclusive Education System In Indonesia

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Implementation of Inclusive Education System in Indonesia Derived from World Declaration of Human Rights in 1948 and United Nation Convention of Child Rights in 1989, World Declaration in Jomtien, Thailand was held in 1990. The declaration proclaimed that that everyone, without exceptions and discrimination has right in education, so then nowadays, the statement known as “Education for All” or EFA. In June 1994, four years after Jomtien declaration, an international world conference of special need education was held in Salamanca, Spain. The conference talked on EFA can be done worldwide. So then it resulted in concrete guidelines for action and responsibility in terms of education those who have disability known as the Salamanca Statement…show more content…
Furthermore, curriculum standard nowadays is still focused on the theoretical knowledge. Even though, the new curriculum has been adjusted with elements of national ideology, religion, attitude and life skills, it still seems has unclear frame work on how to implement in term of inclusive education. Because of its unclearness, school management and teachers often have difficulties to interpret the curriculum into daily lesson plan. When the teachers have no clear understanding in how to put flexibility it in terms of standard use, it often resulted with a lot of faking and…show more content…
This diversity and pluralism is considered to be national character and something which Indonesia government obligated to maintain. So the curriculum should formulate some kind of frame work which can adapt with wide range of pluralism without merging those varieties. Rudiyati (2011) also found that not every inclusive school in Indonesia have individual educational program and also not every of them have specific curriculum for those who has impairment. This supplementary curriculum like orientation-mobilization, Braille reading and writing or self helping is highly necessity for those who has impairment because those curriculum equipped them with basic skill to be able to adapt and participate in daily learning routine. It is widely agreed that Inclusion system has a lot of advantages, so it should become Indonesia future educational system. Indonesia government considered this as a serious matter regarding that education is one of the human right and the nation ideology meet the philosophical foundation of Inclusive system. Indonesian government should plan the inclusive system starting from the most fundamental rather than just take this as an international obligation which should be fulfilled

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