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Parameters of Quality for Teacher Education Institutions Today we are passing through a fast growing and developing society facing the challenges for conservation of our values, dignity, cultures, ethics, social behaviour and eqaulity etc. We have desires to transform our values into our coming generation and have expectations to follow the cultures with saving our dignity. The equality and equity are two main aspects of today’s society. These all are possible by adopting the quality education which is provided through our educational institutions because Education is a fundamental means to bring any desired change in society. The prosperity and progress of a country depends upon the quality of its citizens. The quality of education provided to its…show more content…
Dr. D.S. Kothari, chairman, national education commission (1964-66) started his report with the statement that, "The destiny of India is now being shaped in her class room". It is true, because the future of any nation depends upon its students, because students are the pillars of the nation. No child is born with skill that enables him to function in his particular roll. Our profound education system is depending on teachers who are involved for teaching in these educational institutions. These working teachers can provide quality education while they have got a proper teacher training or teacher education through quality enhancing process during teacher training course and through the teacher training/education institutions having maintained their quality. There are so many parameters for sustaining the quality for teacher training institutions. This paper presents perspectives to sustain quality in teacher education and its assessment along with a set of quality indicators namely: Curriculum Design and Planning; Curriculum Transaction and Evaluation; Research, Development and Extension; Infrastructure and Learning Resources; Student Support and Progression

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