Essay About Problems In Education In The Philippines

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Finding solutions to a number of problems in education is not an easy task for the government and other stakeholders. We have been encountering perennial problems every single day and it seems like these problems keep on coming back despite the efforts and moves that the government does yearly to lessen them. Through the EFA 2015, these problems are aimed to be lessen, if not completely eradicated, and continue the pursuit for excellence and accessibility of education for all Filipinos. Addressing education input gaps The Department of Education has been doing its best yearly in order to address the problems in education, and over the past four years, it has been receiving a larger proportion of the national budget. According to their reports, they were able to build more classrooms (66,813 constructed as of February 2014), hire more teachers (102,623 new items created and 43, 204 kinder volunteers & LGU-hired), produced greater number of textbooks (1:1 student to textbook ratio as of 2012), achieve a 1:1 student to seat ratio, and…show more content…
With these moves already being made, DepEd aims to integrate ICT in the formal school system and raise the ICT literacy among learners, teachers, and school heads. In addition, DepEd also came up with the Learning Resources Management and Development System (LRMDS) that made learning resources and materials available online. Materials such as teaching guides and learners’ manuals that are really beneficial for teachers. Through these programs, DepEd aims to improve the quality of teaching by providing adequate materials to teachers. This move will not only increase our competence, it will also boost our morale and our drive to do our best as teachers for our

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