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enable teachers and students to know the subject matter easier because ICT can enable them to gain a variety of knowledge perspectives. However, effective use of such ICT resources is what brings the positive impact (Mwalongo, 2011). The appropriate instructional design of tools for ICT lessons tend to be more beneficial to when students are guided on to use them and and equip students with the necessary technical skills, otherwise students tend to immerse and start searching information from the Internet which are unnecessary like playing games in computer laboratories. ICT broadens and increases students’ knowledge in different aspects and make their learning more active. It is not a must for PSS to have many ICT tools but even few computers…show more content…
Deployment of ICTs in PSS Institutional e-readiness • Schools use the available ICT resources for teaching basic computer skills. • Distribution of ICT facilities in PSS is not a priority due to limited funds from the Government. ICT equipment and software in PSS • Computer laboratories are used as the model for equipping students with the necessary ICT skills. • There are no available data to indicate the state of ICTs in PSS except Teacher’ Colleges (TC). Connectivity and electricity • Higher Learning Institutions(HLIs) and all Governmental TCs have Internet connectivity and are connected to the National electricity power grid but very few PSS are connected • The national Fiber Optic Cable have improved the telecommunications infrastructure PSS e-readiness • No researches have been done to explore PSS e-readiness and baseline data on school’ e-readiness in Tanzania. ICT equipment and software • There are no strategies and affordable solutions for purchasing ICT resources in PSS. • The priority for deploying ICT facilities is on teacher’s education. • ICT students’ skills, knowledge and training are limited by relaying on the use of computer lab model in all…show more content…
ICT training For teachers •TCs are the first priority in building capacity for ICT. • Many TTCs have introduced ICT training courses for pre-service teachers. • All TTCs have integrated ICT subject in their curriculum. •Little emphasis in adopting the teacher’s pedagogical development framework regarding the integration and use of ICT in PSS. • No strategies towards using ICTs as significant tools in e-learning in PSS. • Most of the ICT4E initiatives in PSS have no a clear coordination with intended school which affect students in acquiring the relevant ICT skills. • Lack of enough knowledge and skills for secondary school teachers to use ICT in improving their teaching and student learning Ccontent and curriculum Curriculum •TCs, Vocational Educational and Training Applications (VETA) and HLIs already have ICT syllabuses for guiding in the teaching and learning process. • No emphasis on the importance of using ICTs for teaching and learning at all levels of education sector in Tanzania. • Currently, examination results from primary to HLIs are uploaded online. PSS also register their candidates online and link directly with the MoEVT

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