My Purpose In Life

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Everyone has a purpose in life. It might be to grow up, have kids and a beautiful wife. People might not discover their meaning till their midlife. I found what I need and it fits like a glove. My meaning is to do what is right and do things I love: Sports, volunteering ,believing and living everyday like it's your last. Listed above is what makes me,me and helps me move on from the past. You do not have to get into the meaning of life with a password. A close community and trying to excel is the story of Marc Ashford. I grew up loving sport and being a part of a team. I enjoy having teammates around you so you can blow some steam. I play golf and soccer at a high level yet it is not the sport that stands tall. The sport that I truly enjoy…show more content…
I like listening to people and having them give me a tip. Since grade 9, I have gone down with my school (Vancouver College) to Oppenheimer park in east Vancouver to give out food and clothes to the homeless. Despite the homeless living without a home and food, they were still joyous. Their stories humbled me and made me want to continue to help them out. I learned that there is nothing in life to worry about. I also participate in peer mentorship at my school. Helping kids learn made me realize that being a friend is a valuable tool. I have also helped kids that were not near me. I helped raised money for kids in Sierra Leone as a part of Me to We. My elementary school raised over 2,500 dollars for kids in need. Giving them a school to learn so that one day hopefully they can lead. Lastly, I helped out at a seniors home in my local community. Talking to the seniors and making them laugh gave them a sense of immunity. I would help with the setup and control of holiday events. I enjoyed talking to everyone and getting advice on life that made sense. Connecting with people by helping each other out is what makes long lasting friendship. Friends help each other get through struggles and
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