Why I Want To Attend College Essay

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College and I Purpose, the reason for which something is done. Career, education, money and social interaction are four purposes that are aspiring me to attend college. College is the next step of my life in achieving a brighter future. It has always been of utmost importance to receive an education from a university, simply so one day I may become employed and make a considerable amount of income. When I comprehend success I envision money, money is everything without money I won’t get anywhere in life. The sole purpose of college is to obtain the career that I’ve always desired to have. However, it may be difficult to find the right job which may never come. Meeting new people and experiencing new things is a major reason in why I want to go to college,…show more content…
From the beginning to present I have accomplished many feats that would have not been possible; however, became a reality from dedication to furthering myself. For example, thus far I’ve accumulated a 4.0 grade point average; subsequently, the amount of work, hours and learning that I took on has been a considerable amount. Reaching to where I am today I’ve learned a multitude of imperative lessons such as time management, goal making, multi-tasking, prioritizing and motivation. Time management is of utmost importance, luckily this happens to be a strong suit of mine; therefore, I tend to accomplish work in a timely manner, rather than procrastinating. Goal making and motivation go hand in hand together, I desire the motivation to reach my set goals, yet my only motivation is attaining a brighter future for myself and family to be. In addition, prioritizing is crucial to accomplishing anything in life, I believe this type of mindset has declined; consequently, not prioritizing could be a cause of today’s unemployment rates and/or
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