Advantages And Disadvantages Of Women

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In India, women are working for her identity, to be independent, to earn a good income, to run her family or to support her husband run the family.there are many reasons why today many women step out of their home, to work and to earn by breaking off her traditional role of homemaker, women today are taking up new roles and challenges of work and career.but most of the women start dropping out and when men stays the same. In India ,A women called Megha Kapoor Mehra ,27 was working in a major accounting company in Gurgaon for five years. She decided to quit the job because of her family pressure and she is also getting married, she says “if male work there is no effect on the work but if women work then it affects work and family pressure too”She…show more content…
The children are left with maids or in day care centres, the children gets more attached with them than the parents. Because of more work pressure she might not show that affection like before she might. Possible scenario In India there will be increase in gross domestic product (GDP) by 2050, estimated at $4.83 trillion, by between 16% and 60% by enabling women to participate in the economy with men, according to a new study by the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI). As per MGI,the gender gap in paid work is the fact that 75% of global unpaid work like child care, caring for the elderly, cooking and cleaning mostly done by women. These unpaid works of women could be valued at $10 trillion of output per year—an amount that is roughly equivalent to 13% of global GDP. Where this is contributing to economy and there is development. Course of action The ways to overcome this problem are : To have a proper education and to gain skills- According to world bank in 2011,indian female literacy rate was 81% and where the male literacy rate was 90%,so where this there is inequality in education mostly in rural area,the women are not

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