Meaning And Purpose In Life

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Knowledge is indefinitely a factor that creates or influences meaning and purpose in our lives. Personally I believe that knowledge plays a major factor because in order to move on with our lives we must allow our knowledge to build up. My two different areas of knowledge are religion and philosophy (Ethics) and my ways of knowing are the following emotion, intuition and reason. The knowledge question I have come up with is, ‘To what extent is the balance of emotion, intuition and reason used in the built up of religious knowledge compared to knowledge areas which are non-religious’. The whole purpose of life is to have knowledge. In my case spiritual knowledge produces more meaning and purpose in my life, being a Sikh and a firm believer in god, I agree to this statement to an extent because it depends on certain situations. But ethics and religion is a combination to live and produce meaning in everyday life. Religious knowledge helps many to enhance their meaning and purpose within our lives. This is done through studying holy-scriptures and following spiritual leaders. My personal experience of religion has helped built up my…show more content…
A famous quote from Winston Churchill “I never worry about action, but only inaction” (Langworth, Richard). We are clearly shown how we should not act or interfere with anything and that is how to live life and create purpose. However in my religion the tenth guru. Guru Gobind Singh Ji teaches how we must stand up against any injustice. Emotion and reason are the main knowledge’s we use to stand up against injustice because deep inside you, many would feel pain and emotion by using reason you will know that if you don’t stand up it may cause something negative therefore we must use our own morals, emotion and reason as the means of knowledge to live and produce meaning within our

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