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Comparison of Malaysian and Indonesian from indonesian Wikipedia, free encyclopedia This is the version that has been examined from this page Jump to: navigation, search Indonesian and Malaysian languages are two standard forms in Malay modern (post-WWII). Besides them, there are also other standard forms used in Brunei. However, because the speakers slightly, the development of this form becomes less significant. This article tries to show the differences between the two main raw form despite the efforts of unification of spelling and terminology are always carried out under the coordination of Majlis Bahasa Brunei-Indonesia-Malaysia. Actually, not much difference between the two languages. Various variants of the Malay language is used in…show more content…
that take care of specific tasks within the mandate officially hold important positions in a job; department; department department official position / rank of government offices, office shuttle invited or invited to come 1. pluck; 2. go get someone who will be invited to go along citrus fruits (vegetables, eggs, fish, etc.) which have been acidified (or marinated) citrus fruit fetish careful (about the use of money or something), savers, not wasteful amulets, magical objects dashing handsome, attractive (for men) holding the waist with both left and right-both hands (hands on hips); looked dashing, recover accomplice workers, hired a crew (with negative connotations), a manipulated (Malay = Barua) when (shroud), the cloth covering the corpse when; different from the shroud works composed by the work (employees = art workers) (employees = wage workers) kingdom all forms of government system of government headed by a king train car all-wheel drive vehicles driven by engine power or living creatures solemn service, working to meet the needs of the people crowded 1. respectful, reverent; 2. Service (rare or hardly used

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