Christian Worldview Essay

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The worldview in which I identify is Christian theism. I believe in the Trinity of God. Thus, God is both an infinite and personal being whom is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. Human beings are created in the image of God, sharing attributes with Him. God is the center of ethics and the truth and knowledge human beings seek. Our universe is material and spiritual and is a meaningful sequence of events in time. The reality in which we live seeks to fulfill the purpose of our lives in which God plans for us. Each person is an effective instrument of God. My life philosophy is to continually grow mentally and spiritually through the guidance of God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), actively listening in every area of my life. My imperfections as a human being allow me to see how essential and necessary it is to rely on and listen to the guidance God reveals to me personally. Every human being has different gifts and capabilities to strive to be more…show more content…
Rational thought and revelation through the five senses is how truth can be uncovered about God and the material world. God has a plan for the universe and every life is meaningful within His plan. God reveals His plan for every person in the particular and personal ways in which He has chosen. As a result, God has continually revealed to me since I was a small child in many different life experiences that I am to teach young children. My influences set me forward to strive to guide and teach children to grow and mature into perceptive and loving Christians who will have a regenerating influence on the world. The implication thus being to teach children lifelong values, literacy, truth about and in life, and to think independently. The purpose of education is to develop knowledge, skills and character in children to be critical thinkers and finally to recognize that they too are an effective instrument of
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