The Importance Of Purpose In Life

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Everything in life serves a purpose leading up to the greater purpose we have been created for. Many times we say we don't need people, forget about everyone, but people come into our lives to hurt us, help us, and be a blessing to us. We need people to grow. Those very people that hurt us, making us feel like we don't need anyone served a purpose in our life. May be the purpose was to show us how not to treat someone, or allow us to have a mirror reflection of ourselves. God uses people! Everyone that comes into your life is not by chance or on accident. God uses people Sister and when the purpose has been filled you have to move! Keep going. God is taking us places and levels far beyond where we could imagine. Don't let a situation that is supposed to teach you, keep…show more content…
Question number 5 asks: Do you have a child or children and raising them alone? If your answer is no, you do not have to write anything down but this is still information for you. If the answer is yes, there is a purpose for that child's existence. God can turn a sinful messy situation into a testimony. The child may be a means to bringing you back to him. There may be consequences for the sin, but God will forgive all of that and still bless you! You are still his daughter. He has so much love for you. Learn from the past and raise that baby up right. God will work it out just for you. I was pregnant at a point of my life. I was seventeen and I just started college. I did not get pregnant on purpose, I just wanted to be sexually active and do what the other people around me where doing. I "loved" the guy and I gave him my body to prove my love. Wrong! When I found out that I was pregnant, I looked to my future and I knew the father would not be ready for this responsibility and neither would I. A child is a huge responsibility. You are responsible for that child’s life, health and safety. I barely could take care of myself. I did not have my own anything. I was still
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