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Rhetorical Knowledge Focus on Purpose Purpose is the reason for which we write for. I learned that the purpose is very important when writing. Each paper I wrote for this course had a distinct purpose. While writing my food memoir, my purpose was to share a meaningful food experience in life with my audience. For the rhetorical analysis project, I had a purpose of analyzing rhetorically by identifying the audience, purpose, genre, rhetorical appeals of the invitation letter that was sent out for an invitation to the party of 2013 graduating class of the ABCD Department of Excellence. The purpose for my proposal project was to propose a solution to an identified problem by convincing my audience that an action should be taken to solve that problem.…show more content…
As an example, below is the beginning paragraph of my food memoir “Eating is a fundamental human activity, an activity that is both indispensable for survival and inextricably connected with social function. One of the challenges about moving to Arkansas for college was knowing that I will not eat again my mother’s home cooked meals anymore. But once I got to Arkansas, it only took me a week to change my mind and to relish one of my favorite food of all the times. Today, I still recollect events and conversations when I had monkey bread for the first time. This experience left me some daily life lessons which mean a lot to me.” This paragraph defines my purpose by clearly stating my thesis. For the rhetorical analysis, I focused on my purpose by also stating the purpose of my writing in the first paragraph. “As requested, I did a rhetorical analysis of the invitation for the letter that was sent out for an invitation to a
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