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Introduction Google is well known american multi national company, and spealises is internet related serives and products. Google has open sourced products, Which includes computer softwares, search engine, online advertising and many. . Google was found by Larry Page and Sergey Brin who were college students in Stanford University. Google is a company which has a very innovative mindset. Hundreds of products come out regularly and this gives it a very competitive advantage over its competitors (ie. Apple Inc, Microsoft Corporation, Facebook Inc.) Google is the most popular and widely used search engine in the world, holding approximately 79% of the world users, and 89% of the world mobile search users. Nearly all of Google’s products…show more content…
A product can be defined as anything that can be offered to a market for attention, use, or consumption, and that might satisfy a want or need (Armstrong and Kotler). Google categorizes their products into three different categories such as : 1. Google store Google store is an online store. which has all the latest products made with google such as tablets, android based products such as hand watches, thermostat, google glasses and many other items. The Google Store sells tangible items such as shirts, notebooks, bags, caps, lava lamps to almost anything that they can print their company’s name on it. 2. Advertising solutions In their Advertising solutions, they offer Google’s Ad Words. Google offers text-based ads that are particular to the search on the site of the user and the customers pay Google every time Internet search users click on their site. They help the customers to set up their site as the volume of visitors to the customer site’s increases. 3. Business…show more content…
In 2006 Google recruited 20,000 people. Google always hires people who are good for the role regardless of their color, race and sex. It employs the top brains, and people like working together Google’s innovative business culture. People from all over the world work together at Google. Google however hires most of their staff for long term. All people that are directly or indirectly involved in Google such as workers, employees, management and consumers are often adding significant value to the total product or service offerings. Employees are encouraged to take advantage of 20% time – that’s one day every week working on their personal pet project. And it has been voted one of the world’s best top ten company’s to work

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