My Passion For Service And Community

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I was raised up believing in the importance of service and community as I saw my family members and neighbors selflessly help and be in community with people in need. It is therefore no surprise that I discovered my passion for service and volunteerism while still young. In my hometown Nairobi, Kenya, I did community service through various ways, including my involvement in the charity walk for Street Children and Orphans in Kenya in 2003 and the 2007 Brookside Freedom from Hunger Campaign. I participated in the charity walk for these causes and helped raise money to support street children, orphans, ending hunger, and was recognized as one of the top three people to raise the most funds. In high school, I volunteered at the St. Nicholas Children's home in Kenya, where I served, played, and was in solidarity with the children. In 2013, I earned the President’s Bronze Standard award given to me by Honorable Mwai Kibaki, the third president of Kenya, for being a young person equipped with positive life skills and a change maker in my community, country, and globally.…show more content…
It is also what makes me feel I must give back. While at Xavier, I continued my passion for service by gaining leadership positions in various organizations, including the Students Government Association; African Students’ Association; Black Students’ Association, and service organizations such as Alternative Break; Xavier X-Change Program, and Community Action Day. These organizations gave me a platform to advocate for underrepresented voices on Xavier’s campus and to serve both the Xavier and Cincinnati

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