Personal Statement: A Career Analysis

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As a young child, I felt powerless against the emotional abuse of my father, however I found that the one thing that did make me feel powerful was being an athlete. This hardship not only brought out strength, courage, and confidence, but also deepened the passion, humility, conscientiousness, and ambition within me. Athletics, education, and community helped me overcome fear and prosper. I learned healing through athletics; I loved feeling strong, confident and free, yet in control. Discipline, teamwork, perseverance, resilience, and hard work were all valuable life lessons, but the biggest lesson I learned was to treat myself with respect. It took several sports injuries, ranging from minor to serious, until I finally took a break to start…show more content…
It wasn’t long before I was teaching others and physical therapists trusted me enough with tasks such as ultrasounds and stretching patients. I was fortunate enough to have my hard work and passion recognized by, not only my supervisor, but also the owner of the company when I received a promotion from intern to technician. On top of my promotion, I was presented with a great opportunity to work with the Abilene Convention and Visitors Bureau, as an assistant, in coordinating the Action Zone Champions Classic; as I juggled these two jobs, my ability to remain calm under pressure, innovate, and multitask improved. Working at the Abilene Convention and Visitors Bureau gave me the advantage and challenge of developing business skills. I enjoyed the organizational skills, attention to detail, and networking involved in creating and running an event. During this time I was also branching out to other physical therapy settings; I convinced the physical therapist at The Oaks at Radford Hills, a skilled nursing facility, to allow me to observe although they had never had a student observer before. While under the physical therapist’s guidance, I used the skills I learned at Action to create my own exercise routines for the elderly
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