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I, Michaela Zewde, believe I should be accepted into the National Honor Society because I have a passion for bettering the welfare of my school, community, and society. The National Honor Society is an organization that commemorates students that excel in regards to academics, leadership, service, and character, and my assortment of capabilities allows me to succeed in all four of the areas that NHS highly values. To begin with, since my years in elementary school, my academics have been highly prized. I have always been interested in expanding my knowledge and utilizing the content I absorbed from school in differing environments. A reflection of this can be found when observing my grades. Last semester I received a GPA of 3.88, with a current GPA of 3.95. In my junior and senior years I am planning on taking a multitude of Advanced Placement courses including: Statistics, World History, U.S. History, and both English classes. Additionally, I am a member of Model United Nations. By being a part of the course I have extended my knowledge on other nations and their societies, which has helped better my understanding of my own community as well.…show more content…
This can be done on both large and small scale situations. My leadership contributions have mostly been small scale, though this does not mean they do not share the same importances as higher positions. In most group projects for school, I step up as the leader to ensure that every job is done well and timely, regardless if it requires more work on my part. I also like to assist in the classroom by helping students understand more difficult concepts and participating in class discussions. Additionally, I hold the qualities of a good leader. My commitment to everything I do is necessary when facing obstacles and my ability work with others makes tasks more efficient and

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