Causes Of Conflict And Peace

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What does conflict and peace mean? Conflict is a form of disagreement within a mass of people, which arises when the beliefs or actions of one or more members of the group are either resisted or unaccepted by the other members of the group. Peace is a state of harmony when there is no war or where tranquillity is attained, because there is freedom from any type of turmoil. They are both inter-related in one way or another. Ending conflicts can result in peace, and breaking peace can lead to the rise of conflicts. Definitions adapted from: Major…show more content…
The Cold War erupted due to the clash between the 2 dominant superpowers, the USA and The Soviet Union (USSR), from 1947 all the way to 1991. Even though the involved countries were allies during WW2, their ideology and adverse beliefs pulled them apart and caused tension. Both sides wanted world dominance and they exploited every opportunity they got to expand their territories all over the world. Many of the causes are related to America’s atomic bomb, and the fact that they wouldn’t share their nuclear secrets and codes with any other…show more content…
‘30 million barrels of spilled oil caused massive environmental and economic damage.’ Quoted from: This incident crashed the economical and financial system of Kuwait. The country relied on income from exporting oil to other countries. But because so much oil was spilled due to the attack, that they found themselves knee-high in a debt of $70 billion. The country spent a 3381375-38100tremendous amount of money on restoring the oil refineries, pipelines, putting out fires and drilling in new wells to replace the damages ones. Sanctions were also imposed on Iraq by the UN, which prevented them from freely selling their oil on the market, this greatly decreased their revenues.

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